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I love your stories about dark Blaine and now I can’t wait to read your others


Anonymous asked: Realistically when is your next chapter coming out?

I am about to be off for 11 days, so I plan to write, write, write and nobody’s gonna stop me! 

Hopefully next week. 


Anonymous asked: Is it me or did Blaine not move out at all. He is never at his own house and always is over at Kurt's? Last episode proves he still sleeps there, since he still can give kurt breakfast so early in the morning. Sorry for my mini rant, I love blaine, I'm just confused. Glee makes me that way sometimes.

You are absolutely correct and I thought the same thing!  Blaine probably has 5 articles of clothing at Mercedes’s place, and the rest at Kurt’s. Lol! 


In an episode where Blaine is struggling with body issues and self image and consequently choosing not to have sex with his hot boyfriend in fear of being judged, we also have Mercedes, a beautiful fat woman who is just incredibly comfortable in her own body and knows how beautiful and desirable she is, who chooses not to have sex with her very hot model boyfriend — not because she feels insecure and less than him, but simply because she doesn’t feel ready in her heart; and I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a good thing. 

THIS was outstanding. Well done Glee.

Some Klaine-related thoughts about 5x16, “Tested”


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Perfect. Assessment is perfect.


Anonymous asked: I do not oppose Blaine cheating with Elian. Do it. DO IT!!

Lol!  You are soooo in the minority. Like a political party of one.  8D

I CAN NOT with how sexy he is!

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with every new episode of glee i ask myself “how much subbier is blaine gonna get” and i’m always pleasantly surprised

Seeing sub Blaine on screen each week makes writing AMR so much harder.

And after last night I am at such a loss.

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chordover: @hrhchriscolfer badass

chordover: @hrhchriscolfer badass

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I need this side by side with Blaine’s angry face/mussed hair… for science and reasons.

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brooke_lipton: Love Is A Battlefield with these two sexy boys!!!! @hrhchriscolfer @darrencriss #glee #tested

brooke_lipton: Love Is A Battlefield with these two sexy boys!!!! @hrhchriscolfer @darrencriss #glee #tested

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#This implies Blaine had sex with Eli#Am I wrong?#spoilers#Klaine#Eli C

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